Author: Stephanie Lacy


by Stephanie Lacy There is a shaking that has happened that has caused many leaders to rethink what they are doing. But, it is important to know that it is not in the WHAT but in the how. How you are thinking, how you are reacting and how you are moving inside of the WHAT. This is where there is a parting of “ways”. Not in the sense of the word parting ways with people so much. There is some of that going on but that is not what I am highlighting here. But parting from the ways you...

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Are we afraid of the power of God?

by Stephanie Lacy When the children of Israel were called out of Egypt, we see the steps it took them to leave the four hundred year oppression. Pharaoh used the children of God to build Egypt’s greatest structures. And those pyramids you see standing, were built on their backs. God had to take Moses and set him apart for a mandate; A mandate to free God’s people. Of course God gave some grace to Pharaoh allowing him several opportunities to simply release the people of Israel, but he was unbelieving that God was the one true God! God gave...

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He Chooses the Foolish Things

by Stephanie Lacy I have been graciously asked to write for this wonderful publication and I would like to introduce myself. But before I do, I want to introduce you to Jesus. Some of you already know Him. But HE IS the reason I am alive today. He is the reason I walked away from drugs and stripping and a life full of depression 20 years ago. He is the reason I survived HELP syndrome when I had my son. He is the reason I didn’t totally crumble when I lost most of everything 7 years ago. He is...

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