Author: Robin Alcala

Who Is Your Saul?

by Robin Alcala In 1 Samuel, we find details regarding the life of King Saul, how he made comprises throughout his life. Unfortunately, Saul was more interested in looking right than actually doing right. The opinion of others mattered more to him than God’s opinion. When he first became king he had a more of a humble estimation of himself. Another chink in his armor was that Saul made decisions as he exalted his own reasoning as the king in his life. Therefore, he did not commit and entrust the details of his life to God. Saul did what...

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Got Flashlight, Will Travel

by Robin Alcala While I sit at my desk working, I just had flash before me; a dream I had back in the 1980’s.  I have not thought of this dream for many years.  Yet, I see and remember it in vivid detail, just as if I dreamed it this morning.  This dream was during a season when God was revealing to me how vital the Word of God was to my life, as I had been seeking Him in the Scriptures regarding a challenging situation. In the dream, I saw an underground tunnel in St. Louis where I...

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The Gift Of Love

  by Robin Alcala What was one of your favorite childhood Christmas gifts that you received? My all-time favorite was when my Chrissy Prissy doll made her home in my heart. She was beautiful and her hair would grow as I pulled it! Now how fun is that? I get a Santa belly laugh when I hear of what some children have asked for. Like one little girl asked for a can of chocolate frosting and a spoon, a fifteen-year old boy asked for a pound of bacon. A ten-year old asked for a butler, and another child asked...

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Do You Know God?

by Robin Alcala Think of your favorite celebrity or athlete. Do you have them in your head? Are you visualizing them? Do you know what high school they attended? What is their favorite color? Their favorite food? What about their favorite musician? Well even if you may know everything about them, do you know them? Do you know your favorite celebrity or athlete as well as you know your mailman or the store clerk you see frequently? Do you know them as well as you know a co-worker? Do you know them like your best friend? Do you know...

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Pieces Of Peace

by Robin Alcala As part of the family of the Prince of Peace, we are instructed to be led by peace; God’s peace. This peace is beyond comprehension, regardless of the boisterous waves and relentless winds which come against us. God’s peace keeps us anchored securely in the center of our storms. It’s a place of comfort, hope, and safety. During troubling times, there are three different kinds of peace we may experience. 1. There is a peace which comes along and gives the feeling of comfort. It is often times mixed with an element of joy or expectation....

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