Author: Robin Alcala

Discontent Leads To Disconnect

by Robin Alcala Once upon a time it was announced that the devil was going out of business and would sell all his equipment to those who were willing to pay the price. On the big day of the sale, all his tools were attractively displayed. There were Envy, Jealousy, Hatred, Malice, Deceit, Sensuality, Pride, Idolatry, and other implements of evil display. Each of the tools was marked with a price tag. Over in the corner by itself was a harmless looking, wedge-shaped tool very much worn, but still it bore a higher price than any of the others....

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When Prayer Hurts

by Robin Alcala Have you ever associated pain with prayer?  Have you ever been afraid to pray?  Has unanswered prayer left you disappointed at the very least, or being devastated at the very most? Doesn’t it appear like there are prayers that don’t seem to get past this side of heaven?  Sometimes when endeavoring to move in closer to the Answerer of our prayers, disappointment can sometimes be like the doggy who’s been trained to associate the invisible fence’s sting, it is a pain which stops you in your tracks and reminds you that you don’t want to do...

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God’s Word Increases Your Net Worth

by Robin Alcala Great insights into the heart and nature of God can be found in Deuteronomy 30. From the deepest parts of His core, He is expressing this unfathomable reality. “Wherever you are in life, no matter how far you have wandered from Me, ignored or forgotten My guidelines and rule book for life. No matter what a mess you may have made of your life or a situation by going by what ‘you thought, what you felt like doing, what you wanted to do’ instead of adhering to what I said. No matter how far away from...

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Who Is Your Saul?

by Robin Alcala In 1 Samuel, we find details regarding the life of King Saul, how he made comprises throughout his life. Unfortunately, Saul was more interested in looking right than actually doing right. The opinion of others mattered more to him than God’s opinion. When he first became king he had a more of a humble estimation of himself. Another chink in his armor was that Saul made decisions as he exalted his own reasoning as the king in his life. Therefore, he did not commit and entrust the details of his life to God. Saul did what...

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Got Flashlight, Will Travel

by Robin Alcala While I sit at my desk working, I just had flash before me; a dream I had back in the 1980’s.  I have not thought of this dream for many years.  Yet, I see and remember it in vivid detail, just as if I dreamed it this morning.  This dream was during a season when God was revealing to me how vital the Word of God was to my life, as I had been seeking Him in the Scriptures regarding a challenging situation. In the dream, I saw an underground tunnel in St. Louis where I...

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