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by Lance Wallnau SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT There is a common slander made against Christians that needs to be refuted and permanently dismantled. Next time you hear the line: “Christians focus more on morality than poverty”, be ready to politely and clearly set the record straight. David French, a writer and attorney with the American Center for Law and Justice, comments: “I chuckle when I hear the common critique of the religious and secular left: ‘Evangelicals are obsessed with gays and abortion.’ The criticism is so common that it’s often internalized and adopted by the church itself … It is, pure and simply, a talking point. And it’s FALSE. Demonstrably false. As noted by The Philanthropy Roundtable: “In 2009, overseas relief and development supported by American churches exceeded $13 billion, according to path-breaking calculations by the Hudson Center for Global Prosperity. (This includes not just evangelical churches but also Catholic and mainline Protestant congregations, and covers both direct missions work and donations to private relief groups.) In 2012 alone, the evangelical relief group World Vision spent “roughly $2.8 billion annually to care for the poor,” according to World Vision U.S. President Richard Stearns. “That would rank World Vision about 12th within the G-20 nations in terms of overseas development assistance.”World Vision is only one such major evangelical ministry. Groups such as Samaritan’s Purse, Food for the Hungry, World Relief and...

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This Is How The Seven Mountains Work!

by Lance Wallnau The media mountain is in fact a part of the business mountain. When revenue drys up the investors change programming. 25 million Christians voted for a CHANGE. It would be nothing for 5 or 10 million believers to reign in any media program by letting advertisers know their feelings. This is what progressive liberal activists do. They’ve targeted every leading voice that challenges them and after seeing Roger Ailes bumped off and O’Reilly taken off they smell blood in the water with Hannity. When will we understand that this battle is coming to you – like...

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Dream Trip 2017 Take-Aways

by Lance Wallnau I WANTED TO SHARE THESE TAKE-AWAYS from Dream Trip 2017! Here are nuggets from one of the three days of extraordinary breakthrough we experienced. Feel free to swipe my notes! 1. We have entered a time when all hell is manifesting to resist and break down the spiritual “reset” over America. Now more than ever the people of God must break out. We seek a move of God and God is seeking a move of His people – to engage the strongholds shaping nations. God wants to break out thru His people. It is time. 2....

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