Author: Loren Sandford


by Loren Sanford I meet former pastors almost everywhere I go – men and women who gave everything they had to give and yet found they could no longer carry the burden that came with pastoral leadership. Even among those still in active service, questions like the following reverberate through the wounded heart. When is it ever enough? Have I failed? I’ve poured everything I have and all that I am into the people of the church I pastor, and still the fruit seems so meagre while the quiet criticisms and murmurings pile up. Have my words been twisted by others into things I neither said nor meant and then been passed on to others so many times that I can no longer overcome the judgments that have resulted? Can the damage ever be repaired? Am I such a poor preacher that I cannot win people to Jesus, much less to fellowship? How can I represent Father God and my Savior better? What have I done that is so wrong? Have the people grown tired of me? How can I equip the saints when so many don’t seem to want to be equipped? What must I do to bring them together in real unity in Jesus instead of this constant splintering and relational trouble? Why does it seem that so many just don’t get it? Was I ever really...

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When Love Is Really Hate

by R. Loren Sanford In the world around us, hatred is on a buildup to detonation. When it explodes it will consume everything it touches, bringing with it waves of delusion and deception to blind people to what it really is. We already feel the effects. Hate masquerades as love, justice, righteousness and holy outrage. In the midst of this, we, among whom the kingdom of God has truly taken root, have entered a season of increased favor, healing and blessing, unless we allow ourselves to be swept up in the shock waves of exploding hate. My prophetic nature...

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The Daniel-Joseph Anointing

R. Loren Sandford Adapted from a chapter in The Prophetic Church: Wielding the Power to Change the World I Peter 2:9 teaches that we have been called as a people to be a royal priesthood dedicated to proclaiming the wonders of God. This means every believer is called to be a “pastor”. God makes a pastor responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of those under his or her care and influence. If, therefore, we as a people have been called as priests (pastors) then each of us bears responsibility for the spiritual wellbeing of those among whom we have been deployed, no matter what sphere of life we inhabit. Both Daniel and Joseph serve as models on the same pattern of development, but in this article I will address only Daniel. Four stages of anointing in Daniel In Daniel’s day, Israel had been destroyed by Babylon and the people had been deported to live in exile under a foreign and godless government. Cut off from his homeland, therefore, and trapped in a place of foreign language and customs, Daniel could easily have assumed the role of a persecuted minority and acted in weakness and bitterness. Instead he chose a path of honor and servanthood that led to a significant prophetic impact on a foreign king, his government and an entire nation. Stage one:  Captivity and/or persecution The first stage of...

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