Author: Karla Perry

God’s Eye View of Nations

by Karla Perry Theology undergirds all of life. It is not something just for theologians, pastors, and Bible school students. We seldom think about the theology behind what we believe or practice, but it exists nonetheless. Someone at some point has thought about it, and that is why we believe it and practice it. There is a cost to not thinking about it. The cost is that we go on believing and practicing what we have always known without examining it too closely. Martin Luther launched the Reformation five hundred years ago because he read the Bible and diverted...

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Lighting the World Through Media

by Karla Perry “The truth is still half an hour behind the slander and no one can be certain when or where it will catch up with it,” wrote G.K. Chesterton in his famous Father Brown mysteries. Modern media, not all that different from the journalism of Chesterton’s day, is inundated with questionable content now popularly dubbed as “fake news.” The sources today range from recognized media conglomerates to independent bloggers. Unlike Chesterton’s day, news is instant. We can know what is happening while it is happening anywhere in the world. On one hand, watching an event live gives...

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Occupy Until He Comes

by Karla Perry Conservativism nor Liberalism is the Gospel. Neither are they even a part of the Gospel. They are political philosophies. The former advocates going back to what was, to tradition. Some nations have nothing to go back to. Conservatives may align with some biblical truths, but it is in those specific junctures where it may line up. We can’t export conservativism. But we can export the Gospel. It is important that we do not confuse the two. When our politics become our Gospel, we get ugly. Liberalism or Progressivism, also may at certain junctures align with some...

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