Author: Karla Perry

Your Worldview Has a History

by Karla Perry Worldviews, like people, have a genealogy. The thoughts we think about the world usually came from someone else. They are recycled thoughts. They entered our way of thinking through discipleship. Sometimes that discipleship is deliberate where we intentionally set out to learn from a particular school of thought. Most of the time it is caught unintentionally. We passively read authors or consume movies and television shows that shape how we think. We sit under teachers who shape our thinking while believing we are only learning Algebra or English Composition. I experienced this first hand in college....

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It’s a Biblical Life

by Karla Perry We all know of the classic Jimmy Stewart movie It’s a Wonderful Life where we are whisked into an epic tale that unveils what life would be like without George Bailey. We find his wife a spinster. His children exist only in his memories. Where he saved a life, there was death. Where he brought prosperity to a town, there was only poverty. Homes he saved for families were now lost to the bank. When you move one person from the equation, all that follows is forever altered onto a different course of life entirely. What...

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God’s Will For The Earth

by Karla Perry Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth. God promised Abraham that his descendants would inherit the promised land forever. Modern theology says that the earth will be destroyed and that we who believe shall live with Jesus in heaven for eternity. When we are born again into the family of God our old man is dead and our new man is alive in Christ. When I came to Christ I did not physically die even though it is true that my old man died. I was raised with Christ a new creation. Baptism marks...

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The War On The Scriptures

by Karla Perry The Bible is under assault from the most dangerous source possible. It is not an assault from without, but from within. It is in no danger from unbelievers. It never has been. It has always withstood the pressure from without, but it is another matter entirely when it is from within. Such an attack as we are currently undergoing, is not from those who wish any harm to the Scriptures or to our faith. Dedicated lovers of Jesus are the source of this new assault. It is more like a virus that has wended its way...

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Reading Old books

by Karla Perry Old books carry a certain weight of knowledge uncommon in new books. Authors of the past were always well read of the old books that came before them. The best new books draw from the old. Their authors pull the knowledge of generations into our own when old books are consulted. I’ve recently found the treasure of an old book to add to my growing collection. Its worn leather binding and yellowed pages harken back to 1836. Within its fragile pages are the notes from the Constitutional Convention written by the Chief Justice of New York....

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