Author: Janet Garcia

Convergence – What is this?

by Janet L. Garcia Convergence is a word I never knew the meaning of until now. As I really began to study this word, I began to understand its meaning and see how the times and season of many children of God are getting ready to be launched out into the deep. These children of God are positioned to make a major impact in the world. Dr. Lance Wallnau said it best, “The word convergence implies a coming together of certain factors in the life of a person who is fully set apart to the purposes of God. When...

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Organizational Change Strategies in the Marketplace

Taking Back Our Cities by Janet L. Garcia July 4, 2015 “Where there is no vision, the people perish,” the scriptures says in Proverbs 29:18. Consequently, though Satan is doing all he can to work at destroying us from the inside out, he’s been working at it through the seven mountain approach. As the TV commercial would say, “But wait there’s more”…Author Johnny Enslow of the Seven Mountain Prophecy writes, “We have an opportunity to be transformed through a national Renaissance to say that we are “All In.” The time of the Gideon’s is upon us now. God is going to use a very small courageous and hope-filled minority, even while the bulk of His Church is either asleep, fighting on wrong battle fronts, or defending ridiculous doctrines and positions.” The angel’s are over our cities and what the enemy meant for evil, God is going to turn over for good to save many lives. He’s calling a strategic army into place. We have a gift. We have spiritual authority. If you are a Christian business owner, then “Marketplace Ministry” may not be a new concept to you. Christian business owners, it is time to rise up and use your business to take back our cities for God. This is an opportunity like never before for Christian owned businesses to begin to take over our cities for Jesus Christ...

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The Reading Of The Will

by Janet Garcia If a family member left you an inheritance of millions with certain stipulations would you claim it? If we were given a promise of “blessings” for the rest of our lives what would you do to receive it? In Genesis 25, Abraham was so faithful to the Lord that out of his obedience he was named the “Father of Many Nations.” He lived a long and satisfying life. He had been a friend of God. Old age is good IF you have the blessings of the Lord on your life. That means you can anticipate divine health and spiritual wealth. You do not have to claim the old adage, “Oh when you turn 50 it’s all down hill.” Proverbs 16:31 says, “Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a godly life.” Men if you lose your hair no worries your grays will come out in your facial hair. Ladies we always tend to want to cover up those grays. Just remember it is an honor to have gray hair. We look beautiful either way. The Lord showed me because of Abraham’s obedience he had favor with God. In addition, he had obedient faith and patient endurance. He seemed to be the most patient person in the history of this earth. One of the ways we can step out of our “Wilderness”...

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