Author: Jan Chapman

Sometimes You Just Need To Go Bird Watching

By Jan Chapman Finally spring had sprung!  I ventured out in hopes to view some of the migrating birds.  Bird watching is a beautiful and peaceful pastime.  Each have their own unique beauty, sing wonderful songs, and are free to go far and wide across the earth.  Anywhere!  I believe they are of one of the most wonderful creatures God has made.  Created so we can appreciate freedom. Yet it’s better than that.  Do you realize they always get what they need?  Whenever I see birds I remember from Matthew 6:26 “Look at the birds. They don’t plant, harvest,...

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Nothing Is Impossible

Have you ever awakened to dreading the drive? You know, the morning commute and what it has in store for you? Well, this particular day the morning commute was awful. We were trapped in a snowstorm during rush hour. Unfortunately, that day I had to drive the entire city of Minneapolis. First a white-knuckle drive to get my son to school. Such relief once we arrived safely! Determined, I embarked onto my next appointment at the exact opposite end of town. My plan was to continue immediately on, even though I had 90 minutes to arrive. The wisdom of...

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