Author: Don Nori

Beyond Solomon’s Temple

by Don Nori When the glory of God poured out of Solomon’s temple, the priests of the middle court fell on their faces. To the casual observer, it appeared to the reverent thing to do. After all, the appearance of Almighty God in this dimension was an event that was certainly not common and might never see again. Falling down in worship seemed to be the logical thing to do.  Of course, they could not minister in the reality of the Ancient of Days, they were, after all, not the priests of the Presence. Since they did not know what to do, they did what some many patriarchs did in times past, they lay prostrate on the ground. The truth is, they did not know what to do with His glory. But that is understandable. They were priests of types and shadows. They were Levites and their daily duties never required interaction with the reality of the Divine Who dwelled behind the curtains of the Most Holy Place. They knew what to do with the symbols of faith but had no clue as to what to do with He Who actually is Who the symbols represent. They could break bread but had clue what to do when the Bread of Life came on the scene. They could burn the incense of worship but they never had authentic interaction with...

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Straddling Dimensions

by Don Nori Sr Much like Ancient Israel, who wandered in the wilderness for forty years, believer’s have struggled with the same issues that kept the ancients in disarray, disharmony and in disapproval with God. The Wilderness was a horrible place of confusion, unbelief, distraction, infighting, factions and rebellion. The provision was remarkable, the leading of God indisputable. Nonetheless, they never seemed to get to where God wanted them to live. They experienced the power of God when He delivered them from the bondage of Egypt. All the authority that Pharaoh held could not withstand the mighty delivering power...

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