Author: Alan Kelso

To Walk In Favor

by Alan Kelso Conceiving and Contending Against Temptation with Faith, Faithfulness and Fortitude to Walk in Favor The life of Joseph provides a backdrop into what it is like to Conceive a Dream and Contend for it. What a traumatic experience going from the heights of special favor from your father, special gifts being given to you and a special place in the plan of God being revealed to you to the horror of your own brothers lying to you, plotting against you, hurting you and rejecting you. The pain must have been unimaginable! The confusion must have been totally bewildering! And the negative turn of events so disappointing and hurtful. For Joseph there were many direct attacks against him that were targeting his dream and ultimately his destiny. The first and perhaps most insidious was rooted in jealousy and a lack of appreciation of what God was doing in him that originated in his own home. His own brothers betrayed him and sold him down the river. Betrayal is a terrible attack because it always involves those whom we have trusted and presumed would do us good. What a test! Would he lose his dream, give up in grief and despair because of the pain of betrayal? Would he stop using his gift? Would he stop following God? Would he just acclimate and assimilate with his environment and...

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Fulfilling The Cultural Commission

by Alan Kelso Over the past twenty years, God has been strategically rallied incognito leaders.  Men and women imbedded within the cultures of this world, who would gain positions of prominence, unknowingly being prepared, by God, to become leaders of the CULTURAL COMMISSION.  Leaders unaware that they were being fashioned by God to reclaim occupied territory.  Many of these, as they were being prepared and elevated to these positions, were not Born Again; but would soon be fashioned into the image of Christ for the purpose of calling out, to the Church, to re-engage into the Cultures of this World and fulfill the Commission of Christ. This year 2017, in the Gregorian Calendar, is actually the year 5777 in the Hebcal or Jewish Calendar.  This has been addressed previously and will continue to be expanded, over the course of this year, but for now I want to re-enforce the theme that “THIS IS THE YEAR OF SUPERNATURAL GRACE, THE YEAR OF THE ABUNDANCE OF FAVOR; FOR THE PURPOSE OF ENGAGING, WHAT WILL BE, THE CLASHING OF THE SWORDS WITHIN THE HEAVENLY’S” ~Alan Kelso. From before the beginning of creation the plan of God was, that the developing society, would manifest His glory.  From day one thru day five God created the universe. On the sixth day, He created man. with the intent, that man act as agents of His...

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